Keep nurses' status quo

5/3/2005 SCMP


Health-care professionals in Hong Kong respect each other's roles and work hand in hand to promote the health and welfare of the people. I regret that Dr M. K. Chan ("Nurses need degrees?", February 28) is obviously ill-informed about nurses' professional roles and their education in university and has made inaccurate, sweeping statements and generalisations about the profession.

If Dr Chan is asking why nurses need degrees, then do we have to debate why doctors need degrees? In fact, many of his unsubstantiated claims have been clarified in the recent debate about nursing education. In their article "Take care with our health care" (January 28), Professors David Thompson and Diana Lee, for example, have straightened out misconceptions about getting no practical experience in university education, and pointed out the fallacy of the financial burden for prospective nurses of a university education. They also provided positive evidence in patient outcomes of the care by university-educated nurses. Hong Kong is certainly not educating nurses to facilitate the work of doctors - what Dr Chan has argued is erroneous and is not a view held by many doctors.

As autonomous professionals, nurses are accountable to the people. We treasure the inter-professional working relations we have in health care. It is only with this partnership that we can work to bring maximum health benefits to society.

更新日期: 2008-11-14