Summary of the Consultation Meeting on
HMDAC Consultation Paper & Related Issues

Notes of Presentation (in .ppt format)

HMDAC Consultation Paper

HMDAC's Composition

  • The appointment of HMDAC members lacks transparency
  • The composition of membership indicates no representation; limited input from health care professionals and patients/consumers
  • Dominance of medical doctors is apparent

General Comment on the Report

  • Middle-class is being disadvantaged by the report
  • Primary care should be the focus of discussion, not primary medical care, and should involve the input of the whole team of health care professionals
  • Medical doctors or GPs should only be responsible for curative treatment while health care professionals should be taking care of preventive & promotive care
  • Medical Care or Treatment should not be the only option in primary care, i.e. medicalization of primary care is undesirable
  • Patients should take care of one's health, and treatment/care could be accessed directly from the health care team

Role of Health Care Professionals

  • A balanced input between health care professionals & medical doctors
  • Independent & autonomous practice; while among the group should be collaborative & interdependent
  • Promote the concept of Community Health Team
  • Promote the concept of preventive and promotive health care

Fees and Charges

  • A monitoring mechanism is necessary to regulate the pricing of GP's service charges and quality of services
  • A relatively “balanced” fees and charges between public & private
  • Earmark taxation may be an option, such cigarette tax
  • “Inter-referral system” of the GPs often take advantage of patients, and thus in some way patients are being exploited

Public-Private Interface (PPI)

  • Re-positioning the private sector in order to promote a healthy competition in terms of service quality and professional standards, and provide a choice for the public
  • Details on the methods to develop and monitor the private market in order that a quality care system which can contribute to the greatest social benefits are lacking
  • PPI seems to shift the burdens to the private sectors and patients become the sufferers
  • Details of market-driven strategies in the private sector to make it more viable and sustainable are lacking
  • The government's motive to push for PPI, in the name of providing creative & innovative opportunities for the private sector to induce growth of the sector, is questioned

Discipline Related Issues

  • Intensify public's understanding of the role & function of health care disciplines so as to provide more informed choices for public
  • Lack communication among health care professions
  • Integrate health professionals into the mainstream of health care system
  • Strive for professional autonomy: right to issue sick leave; prescribe referral
  • Work with Family Doctors to promote the concept of community/primary health
  • Revamp the composition and related ordinance of the Supplementary Medical Council, i.e. the chairmanship should be taken up by the respective discipline; enlarge the scope of regulation by including more disciplines
  • Strike for the setting up of the Health Professional Council
更新日期: 2008-11-14