A Strategic Planning Workshop:
"Health Care: The Way Forward"



Notes of Presentattions

- Health Care: the Way Forward..... (By Dr Hon Joseph Lee)
Health Care Financing Reform for Hong Kong (By Prof. Peter Yuen, Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
(Notes are in acrobat format)

Summary of discussions
Common Issues:

1. Professional autonomy:

  • Having autonomous decision in caring our clients;
  • Board / Council should be chaired by our own professionals;
  • Regulations & Registration: ensure professional standard and quality;
  • Intensify the public recognition of our professionals;
  • Enhance our role in primary health care.

2. Health policy:

    • Existing policy is imbalance: focused on treatment, rather than on holistic health.
    • Lack of public participation and opportunity for informed choices.

3. Role / Function of HA:

  • As the largest health care service provider, does it position rightly in the provision of service and allocation of health care expenditure?

4. Health care financing:

  • Cost-effectiveness: possible model for sustaining service provision.

Discipline-related burning issues:

  • Shortage of human resources in mental health and midwifery.
  • Central formulary: does the public have informed choices?
  • Continuing professional education.
  • Referral system.
  • Sick leave certification.
更新日期: 2008-11-14